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Painkiller Eclipsed Castle walkthrough to 5 stars in 12:37

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Описание материала:

painkiller booh btth speedrun on trauma
720p 24 fps 10000kbps 192acc

music play is:
Down - Jail
Anarchadia - Elevation Call

---ModePack - Fallen Empire Mappack---
by GreenTechB

A new map pack created by GreenTechB, conversions of some very good
multiplayer maps, which were created by players. The package also
includes self remixed metal and ambient musics, monsters and effects from
Painkiller Overdose and a brand new, modified boss.

This is a part from an upcoming mod that i'm working on with HV, called
Light-Bearer. We hope that we will finish it soon. I just had the idea to
release those maps which are ready to play.

A helpful package is available for these maps, where you can find those
pictures which will help you to find the secrets, and some useful hints.

Thanks for downloading, have fun!


Build time: Months.
Tools Used: PainEd, Paint Shop Pro, Snagit, Goldwave, Paint, Notepad.
PK-Version: 1.64 + BOOH.

Levels can be launched by Powermad 3.62 or the Custom Level Loader.


Install and play:


-Please install our mod on a clean PK, where you don’t have any other mod’s in Data!

-Install the mod to C:\Program Files\Dreamcatcher\Painkiller Black Edition

-Launch Painkiller, and:
- With powermad, open up the console and write:

"pmloadlevel sp_eastern_sanctuary"
"pmloadlevel sp_eclipsed_castle"
"pmloadlevel sp_hideout"

"pmloadlevel DM_Helloween"

- With the Custom Level Loader, you just have to select the
maps in custom levels list.

To uninstall: Simply click on the uninstall.exe in your painkiller/data folder.


Known Bugs: - In the eastern sanctuary level, the walls are not really
solid, you can easily find yourself out of the map. I
corrected the most of them, but i advice you to go back to
that area where you were if you somehow got through a wall,
because you can get stuck in the level!

Also in this level, you can't get all objects, because the
wooden sticks under the fires are undestroyable and they
count in stats. I will try to find a solution soon.

- So far, i couldn't find the textures for the new devilmonk's
staff, but i'm working on this also.

If you will find more, send them to greentechb@freemail.hu in a letter.


Maps, musics and technical updates - GreenTechB

Scripts - HV, GreenTechB

Special Thanks to:

- HV/Sparta - He helped me a lot in creating this mappack, and in the
final release, his maps will also be included.

- AndySYS - Testing the eclipsed castle map several times.

- SK1P - Letting me post this on pkzone, and for some useful tips.

- Eggtooth - For helpful technical tips.

Original maps:

- Eastern Sanctuary - DM_Umbra by Godzilla

- Eclipse Castle - DM_Gloomy by HomeGrown Games

- Hideout - DM_1on1_HydeDM1 by Mr. Hyde

Original musics: (remixes and edits by GreenTechB)

- Eastern Sanctuary: - Apocalyptica-Ion
- Pavitrata Indian inspired Ambient Music

- Eclipse Castle: - Mors Principium Est-Pure
- Periphery-Light
- Our Ceasing Voice-Hopes of Yore
- Bullet for My Valentine - The Poison Intro

And very big thanks for the band Sylosis for the pack's artwork :)

- Hideout: - T Instrumental-Another Untitled Demo
- Our Ceasing Voice-The only ones are dead

-GreenTechb 2011. 12. 08.

Длительность материала: 00:13:23
Автор: Ras Ars
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