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Belial's one-liners.
''What? Some demons gonna act me to death?''
''Giant mushrooms? Great, now I'm in some version of Alice In Demonland!''
''Ah, the American Civil war... Hope that bastard Grant isn't here.''
''And I practiced for that?!''
*sings ''Another One Bites the Dust'' by Queen* ''Dun-dun-dun... Another one bites the dust!''
''Great! Another ugly big thing that I have to kill.''
''Bigger they are harder they fall...''
''Blondes with weapons – a dream come true!''
''Aw, another one...''
''Did I just see that right? Did that priest just bring that demon back from the dead? Rather the undead? The unspirit... Aw, whatever!''
*speaking Japanese* ''Okay, I can't say a single word in Japanese!''
''Like a little child in a blender.''
''Man, there's a cold wind blowing up my skirt.''
''I bet that cost you an arm and a leg!''
''The Dead Marsh... Never been here before... I understand the degenerate rulers of this place eat the brains of their worshipers. Lovely habit. The taste of brains intrigues me, though.''
''Where the heck am I? In the middle of some demon air war? And they didn't wait for me?!''
''An arm... A demon arm... Wonder what those souls had to do to earn that reward...''
''Aw! I just took a demon dump!''
''Excellent! Demon eggs! Perfect for those pesky little demons you just can't get rid of.''
''Even my demon nostril thinks that stinks...''
''Now that's what I'm talking about! A little demon weapon mojo.''
''It's like something from a Disney fairy tale... yuck!''
''Fiery volcano, warm weather, stinky air... everything a half-demon could want.''
''Wooden demon spitting exploding undead chickens? How original...''
''Well, what have we got here? Isn't that the famous blade of Shiva? Well, a piece of it anyways... Crap!''
''Well, that little doggy must have his filthy kennel somewhere around here...''
''First death is free, next one – with discount!''
''My first puppy ended up in a meat mincer just like this one. I was very sad when I threw him in it.''
''Great, a flintlock filled with some of that green crap... Aw! It burns like my mother's kiss! Nice. ''
''Great, a desert! Sphinxes, mummies, sand in my crotch...''
''Okay, so it's a Grimm fairy tale...''
''Well hello... You're a big one... And stinky too...''
''Heeere's Johnny! Yeah, yeah, I saw the Shining... About 21 thousand years ago.''
''Home sweet home.''
''Horse racing? Where's the popcorn?''
''Hot babes and engine... Yeah! Turn it on, baby!''
''So, this is what hotdogs are made of!''
''I hope there won't be any scorpions... I hate scorpions. Especially the big undead demon ones.''
''Oh goody! I love the movies! Good thing I can travel through time or I might have missed “Girls in Prison 4''.''
''Wait, wait, wait! I want my wings back!''
''If daddy could only see me now... Meh, he'd only pretend I wasn't here.''
''Hey, Sammael! I'm almost there!''
''I'm top of the world, 'ma!''
''I'm so heartless.''
''Is that all you got for me?''
''Goodbye, farewell, adios, ciao, good night!''
''Now that's some half-demon whoopass!''
*sings* ''Glory, glory hallelujah! Glory, glory hallelujah!''
''Kiss my half-angel ass!''
''Kiss my shiny half-demon butt.''
''Is that nose real?''
''Oooh! I've got goosebumps!''
*speaks Japanese* ''Hmm... My Japanese might be a bit rusty.''
''I'm a regular Johnny Appleseed!''
''Lead for free! Lead for free!''
''Vegas, running back to the Big Kahuna already. We was just getting started too.''
''So, it looks like my lease is up. Maybe I'll just have to talk to the landlord...''*demonic laugh*
''Hey, let me give you a hand!'' *demonic laugh*
''Loosing steam there, Roly?''
''Man, I'm good!''
''Massage, massage, not massacre!''
''Hmm... looks like the mayor isn't home... Heeey! But his lackeys are!''
''Aw... Mom's favorite place.''
''Hey! A monster mash!''
''You need more makeup.''
''Mom and dad never took me to the fair. Mom always preferred the torture chambers. Dad always preferred never to see me.''
''Never again, never again, never again...''
''Next, please!''
''Nice candles!''
''Oooh! Nice outfit!''
''Nice view... Wish I had someone to throw...''
''No wonder daddy was embarrassed that I was a half-demon... Wimp!''
''Okay, Roly-poly... let's throw down...''
''Omelet anyone?''
''Hey gimp, over here!''
''It's pagoda time!''
''The party's over.''
''Piece of cake.''
''Bah! Almost pissed my pants!''
''Okay, Cerberus... Let's see what tricks you know. I wanna see you play dead. Permanently!''
''Well-well-well... lookie what I've found! The powerful sword of Shiva. And it's kind of broken... I'm just one lucky bastard.''
''That's the problem with full demons. No staying power.''
*sings* ''You put your right limb in...you put your right limb out...''
''Aw, the smell of radioactive waste... It smells like... radioactive waste.''
''Rest in pieces.''
''Well, shiver me timbers!''
''Mom always said I should've been a barber.''
''Slicing and dicing!''
*sniffs* ''Smells like burning flesh... Man, I'm hungry!''
''A steam tank... Cool! I used to have one of these when I was a kid.''
''Hey! Man, you got something sticking under your neck.''
*in old woman's voice* ''You bad, bad boys! Stop throwing those nasty things at auntie! Or auntie will have to... *in demonic voice* rip your naughty arms off!''
''Nice day for a stroll through purgatory.''
''Mmm... yummy! I love the taste of evil souls in the morning.''
''Tastes like chicken!''
''There can be only one!''
''Hey, what's wrong with you demons? I'm Belial, this is my place!''
''Time to dance... da-da-da-da...''
''Ahh... to better to see you with, my dear.''
''Okay, Sammael, let's see you turn your back on me now!''
''Unrest forever.''
''Ahh... Some unwanted guests...''
''Quiet village... Full of honest villagers, I'm sure!''
''I want some fries with that and... Oh yeah! A pint of virgin blood, please!''
''Look! Walking toast!''
''What a mess.''
''So let's just see who's protecting the Black Tower these days.''
''Who's your daddy now?''
''Wish I had some marshmallows!''
''Okay... So somehow I'm supposed to go to that airship over there without my wings... Sure, and I'm gonna eat flowers and fart perfume!''
*sings* ''Yo-ho-ho and the bottle of rum... na-na-na...''

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1 Hellen   (27.10.2012 23:06) [Материал]
Такое слово существует. Уж поверьте моему опыту. Не первый год на английском разговариваю. :)
Термин "one-liners" в контексте игр(и фильмов) используется для обозначения коротких остоумных замечаний, которые ГГ произносит в определенной ситуации. Знаменит своими one-liner'ами прежде всего старина Дюк, перенявший эту привычку у старины Арни, а дальше все заверте... Калеб, Ло Ванг, Postal Dude... Впрочем, щас уже не в моде.

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